Friday, July 1, 2011

Hat's off to Khairul Bariyyah!

My dearie Khairul Bariyyah

HATS' OFF TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

countless hats

Zillions of congratulations for your outstanding achievement.

please relate this picture with the entry's title

Your hard work is finally paid off

Hui (see the lips) cayalah!!! Hebat hang no!!!!

takde motip

Thumbs up and keep up the good job.

As a piece of advice, we should never hope for rewards. Just be thankful and grateful for what we have achieved. I got 3.98 once but no one congratulated me but still I was filled with tremendous joy and happiness. I did it for myself, I asked Allah to bless me with outstanding achievement and when He granted my wish I believed He's the one deserved to receive those compliments and rewards. 

As a sister you're so close to my heart. I'm proud with you no matter what you're (don't cry). You're always in my prayer and last but not least.....

dapat gaji jangan lupa belanja wokayyyhhh!!!!!!



khairul_bariyyah said...

teriak dah la... huuu~ hati tengah sensitip, 2 yg suma menda pon keja nak terasa jaa.. huuu~ thanks 4 d advices and congratulations to u! ceq x penah taw plak pasai tu.. huu

ayat last skali x boleh nak baca plak.... huuu~

h.u.m.a.n - e.n.g.i.n.e.e.r said...

ceh!!! buat-buat takleh baca plak na.. mesti dah baca tapi pura-pura. takpe tuhan tau!


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